Thursday, March 16, 2017

A sea wall firebreak in the Lowlands?

In the Dutch national elections yesterday,
their Donny Thump-Thump didn't win such a
large minority as ours did, in the multi-
layered coup d'état that threw America out
of the family of nations. Was it our exem-
plary proof of nativist idiocy that turned
the tide, or an ingeniously fractured par-
at The New York Times? Withal, Holland's
salvation is not an occasion for the minc-
ing of words. They are safe, and they have
shown it can be done.

Instead of awakening this morning to an ab-
surdly unstable concentration of revanchist
power in one party, they've awakened to an
endearingly familiar mess of partisan frac-
turing, which our Constitution was design-
ed to preserve, institutionally. (It works
just fine, with weak parties). Instead of
awakening this morning to a declared war
in their national budget, upon the global
environment and domestic justice, they are
handed time for further reflection.

If the United States did contribute to an
outcome needed by this world, it's not a
precedent that we'd discourage, only its


  1. "Withal, Holland's salvation is not an occasion for the mincing of words. They are safe, and they have
    shown it can be done."

    I agree. The overanalyzing has got to stop. It's like people don't even know how to take a win anymore. Instead, they reach and overreach, like this little gem: "...Euroskepticism and thinly-veiled Islamophobia. So did Prime Minister Rutte’s V.V.D. In fact, he may have gotten a boost in the polls after taking a tough stance in a spat between the Netherlands and Turkey." Amazing. We are now to believe that an unapologetic repudiation of the creeping neo-Ottoman authoritarian revanchism on Europe's eastern borders ( is synonymous with the irrational hatred of people for their faith. By that logic, I suppose the Times editorial board and the German chancellor are rabid bigots too (, to say nothing, of course, of the Turkish people, those tens of thousands of dissidents and journalists currently in prison or exile. Honestly.

    1. Still, one couldn't help but smile at the "October surprise" the government was bestowed, in the thuggish blackmail so well timed for a sharp thwack of reproof.