Thursday, March 23, 2017

Clean white shirt, coming back?

I am torn between attempting
a scattering of joy and sim-
ply keeping it all to myself

but every time I contemplate
that calculation, I remember
to keep the ball in play, or
forfeit possession for delay.

Now Jane Mayer, over at The New
Yorker, has discovered the fami-
ly Mercer, as she memorably has
done for our darling Koch boys,
not to ask more than forgetful-
ness could ever bestow upon us.

What this will mean for the new
government seems likelier to de-
pend on how much time it's per-
mitted outside the penalty box,
more than whatever she may turn
up. But we've made that miscal-
culation before, respecting ex-
posure's style in playing fair.

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