Friday, March 24, 2017

¡ No pasarán !

The former President, whose name
informally identifies the struc-
sure of our health care system,
released a written statement on
Thursday, the 23rd, as a remind-
er of its reforming effects. It
was a curious utterance, marked
by no mania or narcissismm, in
fact, no Presidentiality at all.

Presidentially, obviously, the United States
is at a moment where we don't want the chil-
dren to pass any further. The gathering con-
sensus invokes the reluctance of Everyman to
permit the present spectacle to be witnessed
by their innocence. The expression is lifted
war our grand-parents waged against fascism,
on a plot of ground commemorated by Goya for
us all. But what did loose the dog internal-
ly, compulsively now leaping at our throats,
if not a quicksand which embraced his leash?
This repulsive orgy against our people's hu-
man right of care, claims no canine dignity.

Francisco de Goya
ca 1820

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