Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Niggercare" Repeal Launched in GOP Congress

At last the witticism of tagging
the human right of health care to
black menace from Africa, pounded
hysterically and nonstop into the
senses of underclass whites for
two Presidential terms, has en- 
abled the most sweeping assault
upon the poor since Jim Crow cor-
rupted Reconstruction. Coming to
enacting their own homicide near
you, are the perfected maldistri-
butions of 2 hands clapping: the
irrationality of the invisible
hand, unchecked by society, and
the gerrymandering of the US Con-
gress into impromptu islands of
in a defiant raid upon a people's
Treasury and the exemption of med-
ical industrialists from every ob-
ligation for their monopoly power.
It's almost darling: the States

They worked hard for this, ever
since Ronald Reagan invented wel-
fare queens, to juggle the giggles
of the Confederacy. Let them own
the name that brought them so far.

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