Monday, March 6, 2017

Unlike Addison, Steele, and Summer Liebling

This establishment, I ask you to
consider, does not come equipped
with a research assistant or in-
tern, for fetching footnotes and
allegorical illustrations. Obvi-
ously, it shows. Needless to say
this places an arduous burden on
memory and concentration, which,
to be strictly honest, sustained
one reasonably well before teal.

side of a duck pond near you has
thrown memory back to that orig-
inator of haberdashery's explos-
ive clashes, Alexander Julian. I
wear sometime a million-year-old
baseball jacket in brown leather
and teal melton cloth, which one
acquired primarily to relieve an
other fool of temptation. It was
very Sutter Street, in its time,
but the present teal renaissance 
extends to rustic rugged Pendle-
ton, I find, taking a cue out of
LL Bean's blanket striped in it,
for a dog's bed. It works OK, if
your own colors are like Thorny,
black and white; or, either one.

If you sculpt, it might be seen.

Richard Serra
Teal corner
Kröller-Muller Museum
Otterlo, Netherlands

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