Thursday, April 6, 2017

The petulant, the easy call

A shower of cruise missiles, inflict-
ing negligible, gratuitous damage, à
la mode of Bush league shock and awe -
degradation, we will hear it said, in
offensive capability - is both a fu-
tile and a narcissistic gesture, open-
ly lacking any of the commitment re-
quired to justify itself as a message
of resolve. For those who were not
born yesterday, or reduced to cheap
thrills by the stalwart knights of
the Fox News feedback loop, this is
the act of a showman dilettante, in
a moment of urgent need to present
a circus to his Great Power guest,
notwithstanding its portrayal of an
infantile incoherency of policy.

Like clockwork, you were saying. 
You will forgive us, then, if we 
don't wait up for the selfie. Its 
shelf life will expire at dawn.

Victor Alonso, photograph

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