Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The sketch, the ship, the afternoon


  It's like him, of course,
  this little pencil portrait.

  Hurriedly sketched, on the ship's deck,
  the afternoon magical,
  the Ionian Sea around us.

  It's like him. But I remember him as       better looking.
  He was almost pathologically sensitive,
  and this highlighted his expression.
  He appears to me better looking
  now that my soul brings him back, out of   Time.

  Out of Time. All these things are very 
  old --
  the sketch, the ship, the afternoon.

                  Les calculs de côté, l'inévitable 
                  descente du ciel et la visite des
                  souvenirs et la séance des rythmes
                  occupent la demeure, la tête et la
                  monde de l'esprit.

                  Once we put our calculations aside,
                  the inevitable descent of the sky
                  and visiting memories and the sé-
                  ance of rhythms occupy the home,
                  the head and the world of the mind.

Constantine Cavafy
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i    Evgeny Mokhorev
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ii   Jean-Louis Forain
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