Friday, May 12, 2017

Suppose it were Friday cxxiii: Sloppy spinnaker

 You know? Honestly, one doesn't
 wish to rub it in, but can any-
 one reasonably suppose that if
 Walt Whitman had witnessed this
 Republican foundering, he'd be
 lauding its captain? So let one
 put it another way. Can anyone
 remember a day, in the last few
 score, of the slightest coherent
 direction of this pirated ship?

  And this sort of counts, if a
  guess may be hazarded, where
  incoherency is so celebrated.
  This is a government devoted
  to our entertainment, by a
  somewhat nauseatingly diurnal
  reinvention of its identity.
  It totally defies discovery.

  A ritual flurry of thrilling
  orders, a blustering storm of
  tweets, a furtive resort to
  the television, and so to bed.

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