Monday, May 8, 2017

Le Sept

Let's go ahead and be corny:

the whole schtick was master-
fully staged, of course — the 
courtyard of the Louvre, the 
Beethoven chorus from the 9th,
the youngest leader of the na-
tion since Bonaparte, not by a 
coup d’état. The clarifying wit 
of I.M. Pei’s “foyer” struck us 
as the capstone of the occasion; 
the transparent, universally re-
cognized monument to the Interna-
tional Style, suggesting an entry 
point all over again. None of it 
makes sense to Americans who voted 
for our little Donny Thump-Thump,
masturbating his way through his
great man fantasy of history; who 
mime his Thump, and lobotomize 
themselves for it at Fox, when
they wall themselves off from ev-
erything having to do with border-
less humanity, to say nothing of 
a humanism reviled by their heret-
ic pastors. But if one wanted a 
quiet star to shame the starch out 
of Teresa May, and brush American 
impostorship aside, there he was, 

Make the day count? Who knows.
All one sees, is one renewing
wave, not cresting. Our newest,
bravest continent; the homeward 
shore of humanity.

The Daily Express
May 8, 2017©


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