Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ah, yes. Repudiation Wednesday.

You see, for some years, a quiet
little cornerstone of the United
States' adventures, both on and
off the books of budget snoopers,
has been a conveniently unpubli-
cized base in Qatar. Fretful for
being insufficiently loved, the
head of the new American govern-
late Tuesday to heap isolating 
scorn on that host sheikdom,
as a magic trick of his recent
diplomatic mystery tour of the
piratical peninsula - straight
out of his July '67 issue of
Action for Men. The pulp comic
comes to life, by endowing its
reader with heroism. Having es-
stablished himself as the pulp
comic of his claque, he sus-
tains its awe by such bravery.

One truly doesn't like to look
at these incontinent betrayals
of state secrets, by the morbid
mind of The One most entrusted
to wield its unspoken implements,
such as confiding to the world,
when last in Israel, that he'd
taken care not to name Israel
as the source, in his boast to
Russian pals on their Oval Of-
nice visit, of very hot stuff.

The nannies, it seems, were all
out of town; and who must have
been his playmates at the time,
we are unlikely ever to know.
Maybe a little moth, of wings
too tenacious to depart its
frame upon his imploring tug;
or maybe just a speck of dust
on his mirror, as he beamed to
admire his morning shave. But
everyone's so busy now, deny-
ing that he knew what he was
in governing the United States.

i    John Vassall
     1924 - 1996

iv  Fredrik Ruegger

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