Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday treasures i: To have and have not

In a classic American story of his - 
which he rated, abysmal - Hemingway
engaged one character to inquire of 
another, how he went bankrupt. 

“In two ways,” was the reply. “Very 
slowly, then all of a sudden.” Such 
is that experience of furious era-
sure, the new American government 
brings to bear upon so many trea-
even against understanding it, that 
we forget the premonitory, slow rot 
of Reaganism’s lewd contempt for 
“tree-huggers,” to say nothing of 
the revolting petrogluttony of the 
Bush dynasty. 

But now that the world has been ed-
ified in its survival and humane 
instincts, by science beyond qual-
ified resistance, and convened be-
yond dissolution, by diplomacy, the 
Church, shareholder uprisings, and 
the plain, jaw-dropping migration 
of Champagne to the south of England, 
we’ve slipped from the globe’s idle 
abuse, into its abrupt flogging into 
fury’s crematorium by the new Ameri-
can government. Thursday is as fine 
a day as any to extol what we trea-
sure, and it is not untoward to begin 
at the top. These glacial waterfalls
are a scant 600 miles from the North
Pole, where the temperature is in the
high 60s, Fahrenheit.

Now is World Oceans Day, 2017. Here's 
to water in its place, and a place for 
all amongst it. 

i, iii, iv  Paul Nicklen 

ii  Pedro Pedreira

Thomas Tallis 
If ye love me
San Francisco 

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