Friday, June 30, 2017

Helplessly all thumbs

She has certainly the finest Hand
of any Woman in the World. I can
assure you, Sir, were you to be-
hold her, you would be in the 
same Condition; for as her 
speech is Musick, her form is Angelick. But I find I grow ir-
regular while I am talking of
her; but indeed it would be Stu-
pidity to be unconcerned at such
Perfection. Oh the excellent Cre-
ature, she is as inimitable to
all Women, as she is inaccessible
to all Men!

I found my friend begin to rave,
and insensibly led him towards
the House, that we might be join-
ed by some other Company ..

Sir Richard Steele
1672 - 1729
The Spectator
  Nr. 113
July 10, 1711

Robert J. Allen
Addison and Steele
  Selections from The Tatler
  and The Spectator
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1970©

ii  Eddie Redmayne

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