Sunday, June 25, 2017

One on the rocks

If I listened long enough to you,
I'd find a way to believe that it's
all true.

                Your paintings aren't weapons, some-
                one wrote for him to say, you would
                never do that to them, never reduce
                them like that. Maybe you started
                the commission thinking that way but
                then art happened. You couldn't help
                it, that's what you do ..

Of all the arguments to present,
to a man who knows what he's do-
ing, I think the effort to dis-
miss a moral crisis he confronts
is the symptom of a script which
has to end, one way or another.
Expression always has something
to do for others, if it is art.

                If you can't find your courage in a
                war, you have to keep looking for it
                anyway, and not in another war ei-
                ther; in where it's old and jammed 
                until the rocks start moving around,
                a little light and air, long time no
                see .. The war ended, and then it 
                really ended .. I watched the chop-
                pers I'd loved dropping into the sea
                as their pilots jumped clear, and one
                last chopper revved it up, lifted off
                and flew out of my chest. 

Tim Hardin
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Oberon Books, 2009©

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