Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Origins of Wednesday lii: And the green?

         Ow. In fact ouch.
         I was just bothering over
         these torpid interpretations you see
         when, blessed by the grass, I understood the signs
         in the round. I felt dated,
         much as my contemporaries did.
         The clouds noticed.

         To be off and running
         the distance of a hilltop from old frame
         buildings without whose lens no one
         seems to understand. Nor can they
         move inside when the season decrees sheen:
         black yet morbid at the sunflower's
         peaked center. Yes you know I
         was saying that too. Blank testicles.

         Sometimes if we listen without noticing
         at the packed city's center other oblongs allude
         to what the hotel dissipates.
         There were onions at the triangular coated
         basin at the center of all aligning
         and shy tempests attuned to cottage
         meanderings - I mean, save me,
         I might not have candle power
         to unstring meritable hoops. I say,
         have we no thin power rotting
         in English kitchens for the duke's children
         to inherit like insecure boats
         too distant from the onyx horizon?

  Is it just me or
Harper Collins, 2009©

Alexandra Leblans

Souffleur de glace

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