Saturday, June 17, 2017

Real government, real men

Sixty minutes into Costa-Gavras'
Cold War thriller, State of Siege,
a sexy masked terrorist interroga-
tor guides a captive CIA advisor of 
a repressive South American régime
to the core of his character's il-
lusions. Their dialogue now returns
to life in the nature of the new
American government, and tends to
make one sentimental for the music
of Mikis Theodorakis. Who restores
the state of mind of a nation to
grotesque alternatives, first em-
bodies one for seduction's sake.

Tupamaro: A policeman might become a 
revolutionary and vice-versa ..

Captive: Not a true policeman.

Tupamaro: Do you belong to a specific

Captive: Yes, in a way. Our vocation
is to uphold order; which means, that
we do not like change. We're conserva-

Tupamaro: Here, many become cops out of
hunger, not by vocation.

Captive: Yes, but they become policemen,
while others, out of hunger become thieves.

Tupamaro: You think hunger gives you the

Captive: I believe, that a man, a real man,
always has a choice. Don't you?

Tupamaro: No. We don't believe in real men,
[sir]. We believe in men, and their right
to equality.

Captive: I believe in those things.

Tupamaro: No, you do not. You accept in-
equality, you defend privilege. Actually,
what you believe in is ownership. 

Captive: What do I get out of it?

Tupamaro: The illusion that you're one of
the bosses, when in fact you're an errand

We accept that this is why the new government
sustains its unbroken partisan commitment to
the President's incompetence and instability,
given the vanishing opportunity he presents to
win the repressive alternative, of battles it
has lost before, and must surely lose again -
on the strength of a collage of ante-bellum
white male fetishes, crumbling before our eyes.

What illuminates the new government's betray-
als of these voters is his hunger to run any
errand to be petted as a boss. What brightens
the exposure of his Congressional conspirators
is the very same errand. All over again, des-
pair is premature. They make themselves real.

Franco Solinas
Pierre-William Glenn
State of Siege
KG Productions, 1972©

Fairfield Porter
Calm Sunrise

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