Thursday, July 27, 2017

And for Gauleiter of Greater Zirconia?

The White House has allowed it to
be known that the self-defrocked
the Governor of Kansas, has been
rewarded as Minister Plenipotenti-
ary of Superstition Worldwide. Not
a position contemplated by the Con-
stitution, domestically, it is ex-
pected to pass the muster of the
newly corrupted Judicial Branch -
as an exemplary gesture of inter-
national comity, not impinging up-
on the vitality of the Establish-
ment Clause's prohibition of State
Nonsense. Nor has it been ignored,
like the White House's permission
for the proscription of transgen-
der overhead on the Federal books
to be celebrated in the same day,
that these divertissements both
arrive as the Party plans to defy
mathematics if it kills them at
last, making insurance whimsical -

a triumph of treachery - favored
on the grounds, can you stand it,
that the gaudier the skitthe 

Jean Arp

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