Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Delirium at dawn

If only Olivier were on
hand to see this. It is
commonly understood, the
government does not have
a President, it has an en-
tertainer, a protean nit-
wit of too many guises to
keep up. Only the other
day, he announced he had
his own Justice Depart-
ment. Today, we hear he
has his own Generals. As
Katharine Hepburn was
heard to remark to Cary
Grant in Bringing Up Ba-
by, "Your golf ball? Your
car? Is there anything in
the world that doesn't be-
long to you?"

His mind, plainly enough.
vision even for that, in
the same shooting script -

"I've got my head, I've
lost my leopard!"

the Constitution; give it
the number, XXV. Bring up
baby, and cage the beast.

Howard Hawks
Dudley Nichols and
Hagar Wilde
Bringing Up Baby
RKO, 1938©

ii  Micheál MacLiammóir
    Iago's extraction
    Orson Welles

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