Monday, October 2, 2017

Further sharp dealings of Moses

  When last we greeted Goldsmith's
  prophet at the fair, trading the
  of Republican tax reform, we had
  no idea he would pop over to Las
  Vegas in the same weekend, to en-
  joy another neo-Confederate dose
  of creative religion. If, in his
  country, you may assert religious
  freedom to believe anything, you
  may call treason a noble cause,
  you may call human slavery a bi-
  ological obligation, you may call
  highway robbery a reform in tax-
  ation, and you may call a reck-
  Constitutional right. It isn't
  that religion requires bigotry.

  It's that casuistry requires re-
  ligion. So again, we play poli-
  tics with its mantra, that guns
  do not kill, naughty people do -
  agreeing with every word of it.

Francisco Lachowski

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