Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Nicer than being

I watched the other day and she 
was saying such nice things a-
bout a lot of the people who are 
working so hard. Jennifer, do 
you think you could say a little 
bit what you said about us? 

     Nothing happens in his world
     which is not inside a box he
     can turn on and off, for ex-
     citement doled out as candy.
     As previously noticed every-
     where there is a monitor, it
     is always his presence which
     matters: for that matter, is
     matter. He is not Peter Sel-
     lers in his final film rôle.
     He's his image of his image,
     a ghost of anxious pettings.

President of the United States
  to a roomful of journalists,
  Puerto Rico, United States,
  3 October 2017

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