Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Origins of Wednesday lviii: Social media we don't need

The managers of Russia's internet
access have been generous in open-
ing their sea cocks to rmbl since
we announced Anne Applebaum's new
book, and Ukrainian readership hit
new highs. Now, the Russians' bold
attention to this page cannot have
been triggered by another ornament
in the English language, but rather,
by a likely arousal of interest in
the direction of Russian internet
aggression. For our part, we wish 
there were a way to enable access
for Russian residents, without the
nasty little robots in their govern-
ment's employ. It is an interesting-
ly unfree market: sometimes, Russian
interest outweighs that of America
and France, combined - this page's
default audience; at other times,
it is absolutely zeroed out for days
on end -- weeks, months. Has anyone
else noticed, there is no such thing
as a Russian reading market: only a
valve operated by the State, to ad-
vance one of its furtive interests?

Has anyone else noticed, this is ex-
actly the game plan and wish list of 
the new American government, in its
saturation of society with delusion,
division, dysfunction, and decay? It
is as hard to imagine, America voted
for this, as it is to say Russia did.
The monsters don't need to censor the
speaker, if they isolate the listener.

What is left of any such distinction?

Robbie Wadge

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