Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday commute cxlvii: Sense and recompense

There are all kinds of love
in the world, but never the
same love twice.

The building down the avenue
is a hotel, and used to keep
rooms at a discount for under-
graduates in those days. I saw
this remark from one such fel-
low, in a story entitled, The
Sensible Choice; and it seemed
to fit to perfection a time, so
many years later, when we were
still suspended in the fantasy

Now we find, this was not so.
But what was true, was a pas-
sion for that aspiration, em-
bodied in the second edifice: 
the one exemplification of it,
rising over every imitation -
that love we would have once.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ezra Stoller, photography
Waldorf-Astoria and the
  Seagram Building, 375
  Park Avenue, New York

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