Sunday, October 29, 2017

Latest news of Russia's domicile

Having established in this Wednesday's
I take interest to announce that for the
past three days her uniquely unified mar-
ketplace of ideas has been unrepresented
in rmbl's map of visitors. Ukraine remains
attentive, however, so one cannot reliably
suppose the Russian State does not keep an
eye open through that window - or our own,
for that matter, given our new government.
Yes, to watch so much of two continents, e-
rasing itself on cue, is possibly less ex-
citing than to ask where it has crept now:
a rainy-day parlor game for our times?

strong, to cite only another strange bed-
fellows State, ruled by an authoritarian.
Manila's such a congenial nest for looters.

Karen Dawisha
Putin's Kleptocracy:
  Who Owns Russia?
Simon & Schuster, 2014©

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