Thursday, November 2, 2017

We didn't do backpacks then, and he didn't smoke

    It's a good thing, verisimilitude 
    hasn't much to do with memories. 
    My great friend was born this day,
    and all I can think of was a mag-
    netism, the usual cluster of sec-
    rets of our era, and a resilient,
    hearty laugh. He was positively
    infamous for favoring Toscanini,
    and he would have been amused to
    see Harvey Sachs' second biography
    in publication. He didn't do any-
    thing right or finish anything he
    started, but he was an ornament
    of our Class and intensely respect-
    ed. Some guys are just absolutely
    real and yet not ever known by the
    people they keep closest. One re-
    quired no prompting, never to mind.

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