Sunday, November 5, 2017

What does Suetonius have to say about treachery in Rome?

Like you, I worry for the
staying power of our new
head of state, and if his
mode of governing by antic
fabrication will hold his
claque in thrall to the mid-
terms. In his Life of the
Twelve Caesars, Suetonius
gives a fine portrayal of
the precedents of Caligula,
but I forget what, if any,
weight that great historian
placed upon the gathering
ennui of his subjects, in
procuring his untimely (and
unthinkable) demise. For that
matter, what ingenious feeble-
ness might have neutered his
resistance, to compare with
the zest for schism we noted
this week from Donna Brazile,
as fine a jest of treachery as
might be wanted by any tyrant?

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