Monday, November 6, 2017

Wondrous election advice for Virginians

Just in time to lecture Virginians
on upholding good manners in pol-
itical behavior, a full-time cleric
from Brookings assumed the election
pulpit over the weekend, to demand
that they vote for the candidate 
who vows to prohibit any Virginian
municipality from declaring itself
a sanctuary against conscription in
the national pogrom against undocum-
ented aliens, so that they could re-
sist the candidate who is a little
expediently uncertain about the or-
igins of the Late Unpleasantness.

Not since North Carolina's lusty
legislature avenged itself against
Charlotte's enlightened regulation
of its genders, in exactly this
forbidding engrossment of the whole
State in the practice of repression, 
has such a cunning precipitation of
disappointment been recommended, 
against the risk of moral struggle.

Before their eyes, Virginians have
witnessed a cowardly capitulation
to legislation, binding the Common-
wealth to historic shame, as a perch
against a mouse of mere rhetoric.

This is how things do not get better:
when Elders invoke their own urgency,
and people do not cast their ballot,
if at all, as if for the first time.
Virginia has tried sure destruction,
before. If one were to recommend how
to handle two threats, one would go
with the lesser, not the greater, of
two probabilities - on the wise basis,
that the measure of good manners in
politics is not how many years are
left to oneself in this world, but
how little one uses them for wreckage.

E.J. Dionne, Jr.
The Northam-Gillespie
  Election is Once in a
November 5, 2017©

Joe Bruha
Pulling into our

Oscar Kindelan
Esquire España
November, 2017©

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