Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Under the freest of political systems
and governments there is no sanctuary -
only resort, respite, remission from
invasion. I think, what we mean when
we think of sanctuary, is that these
invasions will not be discriminatory
or arbitrary, two categories of dep-
ravity in government at which the
present 'administration' in America
strives to set the most glittering
benchmarks since the hounding of in-
digenous peoples into barren wastes.

once this year, when a United States
District Court Judge has upheld the
connection between the English lan-
guage and its plain meaning, as the
unarguable basis for rejecting the
theology of this 'administration,'
in pursuit of any sanctuary from its
arbitrary, discriminatory conduct.
Judge Orrick probably hasn't adopt-
ed the term, gangsters, for the hap-
less implementarians of the Presid-
ent's own rhetoric, when they dabble
in frivolous paraphrases of his prom-
ises to inflict harm on selected
peoples by impermissible means. Yes-
terday, their blunder was to over-
look that Congress hadn't authorized
the 'administration' to place impromp-
He would not have trifled with the ob-
vious metaphor, highjackers, for the
stark usurpation of the powers of the
other Branch. But even the stooges of
Sessions seem to have taken his point, 
resorting to their classic vengeance,
in mockery of the system they exploit:
Fox News has denounced him for helping
the President's predecessor - lawfully.

It is hard to parse what might derange
the 'administration' more, the imper-
tinence of its own petards, or the ex-
posure of their congenital imbecility.
Having little use for the mind, they
probably aren't particular in tracing
the origins of their fury, so long as
they can sustain its righteousness.
They are, in every way, the agents of
their mob. They'll be back.

It goes against a sensible character's
nature, to celebrate these interim re-
missions of the onward march of decad-
ent misrule. But I think, now, one can
learn from the mob the sustaining pow-
er, the sanctuary of a little red hat.
I happen to think well of a new sweater.

 Filip Hanning

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