Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday commute cxlviii: Reading away

The choice of nutrition; the choice
of climate and place: the third
point at which one must not commit
a blunder at any price is the choice
of one's own kind of recreation. 
Reading is precisely my recreation
from my own seriousness. During per-
iods when I am hard at work you will
not find me surrounded by books: I'd
beware of letting anyone near me talk,
much less think. And that is what 
reading would mean.

He possessed that divine malice
              without which I cannot imagine perfection:
              I estimate the value of men, of races, ac-
              cording to the necessity by which they can-
              not conceive the god apart from the satyr.

Friedrich Nietzsche
  on Heinrich Heine
Ecce Homo
  How one becomes
  what one is
op. cit.
Random House, 1966©

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