Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Annals of gender oppression: A star is born

What a winter for discontent, one might
have thought, to find at such a break-
neck pace how many bumpy facets we have
missed, in the broadly conceded fall of
man. Only the other day, we learned how
patriarchally oppressive it is, to offer
just one color of wine at a time, in the
pursuit of a style of genital rapproche-
ment. The revelation caused a new social
more marginal monster than one of the
genders could imagine, and yet evidently
ubiquitous in the sight of a famous other.

Some of the genders have yet to report,
yet as night follows day, the temptation
to follow the lead of the dissident must
be counted the more primly advantageous. 
In matters of gender oppression, the cus-
tom is to acknowledge no more than one
bogey-person at a time. Yet who is to ask,
if pride of place may never be exchanged?

Is the White House right: is this to be
the season of a Counter-Reformation? If
it does take two to forge a swastika, a
mirror image of the half is all we need.
Then we may know what we should call it.

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