Friday, January 19, 2018

Suppose it were Friday cxlvii: Respites we have welcomed

   Morning rumors of an interruption
   in nuisances from Washington waft
   the precious aromatic of an inter-
   regnum of peace for all, on a par
   with that of the privileged per-
   forming mice, themselves. A writ-
   er published what I considered
   to be a perceptive appreciation
   of that theatre's unstateliness,
   which I pass along with some con-
   cern that the host publication is
   placing itself uninfluentially at
   the margins of conditioned reflex-
   es these days, save for its fixed
   delight in almost any foreign war.
   Not that they demand a government.

   Yes, for anxiety's grinding sake, 
   one doesn't really need to be able 
   to see reports of being governed,
   if the ongoing prosecution of our
   wars can be assured. Margins hold;
   the government may go wobbly all
   it wants, if ventilation of such
   idleness does not bring peace a-
   broad. What interesting stability
   seems to pervade the horizon, as
   the inertia of our system governs. 

Alexander Calder
untitled tapestry

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