Friday, January 5, 2018

Suppose it were Friday cxlvi: Hey, ho, halcyon days

There's nothing like a Cease and
Desist demand from a blackmailing
goon to cue Martha & The Vandellas
for a lively dance in Grub Street. 
We are going to remember January
5th, as the day the bawling new
government in America coiled up
in bed with a cheeseburger, hol-
lering for the secret sauce of
censorship. The one trouble is,
that jar has a child-proof cap,
we call the First Amendment.

The ultimate delight in the new
book will be found in its mis-
takes; the more, the merrier.
This is, after all, the gang
whose bodice-ripping script of
the Protocols of Zion is broad-
cast daily for the government's
levée; and it would be obscene
to subject that panting body to
fastidious inspection. Soon to
come, will be smokescreen in-
nuendo of financing from some
hostile power, like Manhattan.

Against any gathering impression
of facetiousness in these revels,
Liebling's Jollity Building is 
giving no odds. But a good cigar ..

Valéry Lorenzo
untitled toast

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