Saturday, January 6, 2018

The waiting room in the Eisenhower Era

   People who complain of Customer Service
   these days need to recall those anxious
   delays of inventory retrieval, when one 
   might wait the better part of a cocktail
   simply to emerge from the store with a
   common snow shovel. Entire semesters 
   might go by, fitting a Class to the new
   blazer, with nothing but a well mounted
   gallery of paintings to inspect at the
   most leisurely pace. There was a lot of

Oil on canvas


  1. New Year's Greetings, Thank you for posting a reproduction of a work by John Koch, a favorite painter and artist. His work shows a love of the human body and a love for humanity. I believe it the artist himself who is pouring cocktails at the credenza. It is the picture of civilization.

    1. The excellent catalogue to the exhibition mounted at the New-York Historical Society in 2001 is still available, as you probably know. The painting does seem to depict a civilization, albeit one condemned to conversation out of cellular range. Still, I like it.