Sunday, January 21, 2018

The American government did close, by the way

One had thought not to mention it
whilst others might still be out 
for their Saturday ride, but good
news is rare enough, much less on
the occasion of that government's
initial anniversary, that a happy
medium had to be struck, between
draining the cellar of blanc de
blancs, or spending the day under
a decorous gag order, no matter
how luscious the linen. A mild an-
nouncement on the Sabbath seemed
unprecipitous enough, and so here
it is: the most injurious, yet ad-
dictive corruption of public life 
is in remission.

It had not ever been so, that
Americans should have instit-
uted such a structure of de-
bauchery, debasement, plunder
and compulsive belligerency in
the offices of Washington, DC
to which they exile the needy,
and the fee-finders of simple
services. By the time, then,
that government in their land
had achieved its present ad-
vances upon the imagination,
the sensation of wear and tear
had begun to inspire defenses.

And these are not salubrious con-
ditions for the flourishing of a
happy government. Within a day of
perceiving how this closure tant-
rum might backfire against the
values of their real estate, den-
izens of the new government were
out and about on the sermon cir-
cuit of broadcast news, to blame
the citizenry for sustaining en-
thusiasms they'd been forcefed by
these very conduits. Oh, my. How
notoriety does outstrip us all, as
fashion glides into another season.

Louis Prades  i, ii, iv

Francisco Basile  iii

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