Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ps-s-s-t, they're back

                 Call it, the back with two beasts,
                 if that helps. Our previous entry's
                 welcome of their flight seems only
                 to have hastened remonstrance, not
                 to enjoy release from their clutch-
                 es. Now the great factory of our
                 frenzies frames its refinancing as
                 implicit, anyway, in this union of
                 states. And what a wonderful floor-
                 show they have held over, from its
                 blame for the abandonment just end-
                 ed, in the promise of demagoguing
                 it all over again, for newer welts
                 to praise the balm of government,
                 that flogger's springboard to fame
                 and electoral advancement, for pry-
                 ing deeper fissures in our patience.


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