Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday commute cli: Indictments by the vanload

  Although out of season, indeed out of terroir,
  I thought of Jason Lowe's estimable glimpse of
  the vintner's van at the crushpad in Bourgogne,
  of the conspirators against the American elec-
  tions of 2016 were delivered to Federal Dis-
  trict Court in Washington yesterday. My second
  thought, was what a tourist trap that edifice
  must shortly become, as visitors from all over
  the world come to touch the façade, now demon-
  strably not false, of the American legal system.

  Grapes now ripe for pressing, if not a stamping 
  out, against rank wrath transgressing to pol-
  lute them with faux doubt. We have a Potemkin
  Congress. On, in time, to a jury of our peers.

Jason Lowe

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