Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sighting the fugitive

  The press pool photographer caught the
  frantic Presidential flight from a hur-
  ried dump of platitudes on victims of
  his gun policies, yesterday, to his Xa-
  nadu retreat outside Palm Beach. It is
  a stressful weekend for being visible:
  with pristine probity, a prosecutor an-
  atomized his denial of foreign corrup-
  tion of the election that lent him his
  office; teenaged texters ran rings a-
  round his Fox News propaganda apparat-
  us, in wave after wave of real time ev-
  idence of their generation's devastas-
  tated trust in his government; as ad-
  ulterous liaisons continued to come
  forth, to attest to being paid off to
  forget him, and immigrant Americans
  learned first-hand the value of any
  of his promises. Where better to lick
  one's fork of chocolate cake, than in
  Xanadu's poshest suite, whilst laying

Al Drago, photography
The New York Times©
February 17, 2018

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