Friday, February 23, 2018

Suppose it were Friday cl: Hey, there's a thought

When the American President has a thought,
you know he's been listening to a broad-
cast of which he can unfailingly be trust-
ed to play the mime. Yesterday afternoon,
the head of the National Rifle Association
(the trade group who shackle the country
to compulsory exposure to firearms) blamed
the Democratic Party for not blaming the
schools for drawing endless waves of mur-
der to their premises. Sure enough, in the
same news cycle, the President vouchsaved
a proposal to deputize the janitors, and
flood the halls and heads and vestibules
of public education in America with mutual
assured destruction in event of any attack.

Given that teachers have unanimously re-
nounced their obligation to pack heat in
the classroom, and infuse every playground
contretemps with wondrous pacification,
this, in addition to tightening the portals
and screwing down the hatches, is Republican
policy now for holding power in Washington.

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