Tuesday, March 20, 2018

De stijl of the times

If anything about the present
American government deserves
to survive the conflagration
it so openly solicits, it is
its deliverance of the profes-
sion of law from tired protes-
tations of ethical constraint.

has been exploded as unsus-
tainable, enabling our law-
yers those opportunities for
advancement we extend to cat-
tle and dairymen, poachers
and policemen. With the full
collapse of reality, which
has lined our pockets, has
finally come that annoyance
with legality which no caste
should be compelled to up-
hold. And the more the Pres-
ident's lawyers can lift
that burden by example, the
sooner we should all be re-
lieved of employing them.

Theo van Doesburg

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