Saturday, March 24, 2018

"Mirror of a soapbubble sphere"

                       think sun on gasoline.
                       Splendor, and splendor,
                       and not a one in any way

                       distinguished from the other
                       -- nothing about them
                       of individuality. Instead
                       they're all exact expressions
                       of the one soul,
                       each a perfect fulfilment
                       of heaven's template,
                       mackerel essence . .

The American President's rapture, only
a weekend ago, to be on the cusp of as-
sembling a Cabinet chorus line of sat-
isfying symmetry, must have reached an
iridescent blaze of delight at this
week's climax in a duet of popinjays
of popping off to prove the poet's vi-
sion of their designing soul. How hap-
py must he be, as they gleam on ice be-

                       each as intricate
                       in its oily fabulation
                       as the one before.

Mark Doty
Fire to Fire
  A Display 
  of Mackerel
Harper Collins, 2008©

Luka Isaac

Paul Schulenberg©
Oil on canvas
Provincetown series

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