Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hobbies must be doing well

   Many must already have sensed, if
   not remarked, what a paradox it is
   for the big-box brick-and-mortar
   toy giant to have thrown itself 
   upon the mercies of liquidation,
   at the very apogee of fantasy's
   dominion in America. What a moment
   for plunging, with that diverting
   concentration which only a great
   hobby can sustain, into the craft-
   ing of model airplanes, the sym-
   pathies of glue playing a gallant
   part. Is knitting still allowed,
   in the vertiginous free-fall of
   gender-tainted pastimes; and for
   that matter, do boys still gather
   mollusks at the quayside when the
   tide runs out?

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