Thursday, April 5, 2018

On my way to Guéthary

   The open secret, that the diagnostic
   imaging platforms of modern medicine
   are as close as most of us are like-
   ly to come to an Atlantic crossing in
   First Class on the Normandie, was not
   lost on me in an inconceivably expen-
   sive ride in the radiology wing of a
   local hospital, only this week. What
   I missed by way of deck sports cer-
   tainly was recompensed by the pres-
   tige of my exposure to body-surfing
   loads of lethal energy, and all of
   it a tax-free benevolence of one or
   another of our sovereign insurance
   empires. Offered my little identify-
   ing wristband as a keepsake of this
   journey, I realized I had been only
   the baggage of an opulent carriage.

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