Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Origins of Wednesday xciii: What strategies has Spring?

These are this season's weeks of
vulnerability in northern hemis-
pheric viticulture, when only
right-wing ostriches deny an es-
calated costliness in storm and
other weather patterns, includ-
ing prospects for deadly frost.
Technicians of the vine are al-
most powerless to mitigate this
exposure, and in many communit-
ies - often named for saints -
the interval before mid-May is
one of suspense, and much re-
sort to superstition. The real-
ity of the impartiality of the
season remains strangely over-
looked, but then whose seasons
are, any more, uncorrupted by
ourselves? Meanwhile, it will
be remembered, it wasn't until
the height of Summer that Rich-
ard Nixon was run out of town,
with his Pence gone before him.

This is a moment of awkward
experience for Americans, be-
ing governed by only one res-
ponsible Party, certain to be
savaged by a domestic polit-
ical combine the world hasn't
seen since the last of the Ro-
manovs, an axis of political,
judicial, media, and occult
institutions in league with a-
lien powers to block the path
of justice and reform - wily
enough, to goad patriots with
the specter of autocracy, and
not to fail to bribe clients
committed to the most noxious
and unsustainable policies in
every field of public interest.

What strategies has Spring, de-
spite appearances of passivity,
apart from its benign exposure?
Already a fated uproar of tech-
nicians can be heard, claiming
to translate it in their voice.
What strategies has Spring, but
to be overwritten by technique?

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