Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spoiling for a nice day

I listened to an interview on the ra-
dio yesterday, with an energetic per-
son in London, fulfilling her commit-
ment to the saving of the climate by
This demonstration of the futility
of fossil fuels, interrupted as it 
was, filled her with intense grati-
fication, and nourished her resolve
to keep at it. It wasn't difficult
to empathize with this character of
punitive arrest, because the piling
of one's body upon others in a road
has about it the gay proficiency in
going nowhere, of the separation of
one's ass from a board on the water,
while its carbon footprint matches
the radiant inefficiency of fueling
a Beetle to get to the beach, when
one may tumble down stairs at home.
We all desire nice weather, and are
happy to exert ourselves to love it.

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