Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Resistance is meant to be tiring

And then the littlest kids are 
expected to be taken care of by 
the older kids, but then some of 
the oldest children lose inter-
est in it, and little children 
get handed off to other children. 
And sometimes we hear about the 
littlest children being alone by 
themselves on the floor.

   Every now and again, who hasn't
   complained of the price of con-
   ditioning to govern oneself? In
   the matter of the present Amer-
   ican President, his own default
   state of lassitude is less in-
   fectious than it is contemptib-
   le, yet it sets an infamous ex-
   ample. I read Eugene Robinson,
   but tell me, how do you go on?

Isaac Chotiner
The New Yorker
22 June 2019

Eugene Robinson
The Washington Post
24 June 2019

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