Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday commute clxxiii: Image to epigram

The passage, with which we are
all familiar, of an image to 
an epigram is so ethically ex-
pensive that this must play a
large part in fatigue with the
President's endless proof of it.
Never seeing straight, one el-
ement of evidence, he frames a
whole world from fancies of the
timid wretch extracting his re-
venge by the propagation of myth.

              Europa of Athens can be had for a drachma
                    with nothing to fear, no resistance,
                         clean sheets,
              a fire in winter. So, my friend Zeus,
                    you had no business turning yourself
                         into a bull.

Antipater of Thessaloniki
11 BC - 15 AD
  Edmund Keeley
Peter Constantine, Rachel Hadas,
  Edmund Keeley and Karen van Dyck
The Greek Poets
  Homer to the Present
op. cit.

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