Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Surely not another society scandal?

The matter consists of a teenager
from Florida's most famous second-
ary school, a notoriously powerful
university outside Boston, and the
factor noted by its admissions of-
fice in a notice of demand address-
ed to the teen -- "the media."

The media.

We need to bear in mind that moral
dynamo, in the decision of the u-
niversity, through its undergrad-
uate college, to exemplify its ad-
missions standards by renouncing
a candidate already welcomed to en-
ter, in a thunderously gaudy sniff.

Admittedly, to coin a phrase, the
university is under intense pres-
sure of litigation to justify its
incongruous weighting of Asian ap-
plicants, and chronic embarrassments
in accommodating more than one gen-
der. Now has not seemed the time,
to expose itself to reaffirming ad-
mission to a teenager guilty of an
ancient outbreak (in Puberty Stan-
dard Time) of scabrous bigotry.

What could reek more of prejudicial
exclusion, than this stark confes-
sion of uselessness in education?
But I stray. My university admitted
little Sammy Alito, despite a per-
colating zealotry to affiliate him-
self with a conspiracy of alumni
against gender and other natural
attributes inconsistent with male-
ness in all its shimmering white-
ness. Princeton did him no favors.

Now, is that a gun in his pocket,
or is he just glad to be a Judge? 

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