Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hellas on fire i

3 years ago this month

Your house has voices, your burnt house
shrills with unguessed, lovely inheritors,
your genealogical roof tree, fallen, survives,
like seasoned timber through green, little lives.

Derek Walcott
Verandah, 9th verse
Collected Poems, 1986

Photographs, courtesy Tassos Paschalis


  1. Walcott's famous affinity for Greece is more than "like the love of Prospero for his island kingdom" ["Midsummer, XLVIII"] as a St Lucian; it is syntactic and structural, proportioning and illuminating in its saturation in the literature as well as the space. He's an extraordinary accompanist in Greek imagery and exponent of its vitality.

  2. very much like the diversity of your blog - there are so many excitements in life, why leave any out

  3. Very kind of you to mention diversity here, when your own work is positively protean. I observe a persistence here of the guytummy motif, but there you are. It fires so much of life.