Sunday, August 8, 2010

It cannot be thought

that the Sherry-Netherland
ever poured a mean drink, 
or failed "a fine romance."


  1. You mean our nemesis from across the street?
    I've always wondered how she adjusted to the Thermidor of Donald Trump.

  2. for some reason, i thought that emily was the pigeon who "flies over to the Sherry-Netherland to see what they're up to"

    but i suppose i am confused. will figure it out someday. 'til then, i feel sure that eloise (and her pigeons) might be found where there is fine romance. she's older, now, and wiser -- don't you think?

  3. Thank you very much, VT, for the gentleness of this correction. I'm sure our correspondent is humiliated as compassionately as possible, for ignoring the chronicles of his sweetheart's timeless mentor.

  4. oh, brilliant one, i wasn't correcting you at all! humiliation, too: none, please. not served here, i hope, in our (very busy these days) little house in the california suburbs. (humiliation is for the birds. we'll leave that one to whatever pigeons mr. knight conjured out of his sweet pen.)

    sweethearts, mentors, siblings, Davey, Dad: you must know i am sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear more.