Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A plush and zippy towel snap

The other day, I posted some Raeburns, biting my tongue a little as I discovered that a certain blogger who banishes red from his Christmas celebrations at home has only been exposed to the wrong hues. Portrait after portrait in Raeburn convinced me that a path lies open to his liberation, always assuming he can endure another. The blush of innocence is surely not too red for Darlington, I reasoned, and not so obvious as to feel like a capitulation; but then I hadn’t reckoned on the house’s mode of distributing that condition as a gift of gracious liberality.

If this “style” does not account for his blog’s intensely active following, I would count it vain in oneself to attribute it to discernment. I awoke this morning to find a note of warning that this page had been tapped for an SBA, at the very moment, indeed, when such a loan of disbelief had crossed one’s mind as a pretext for its continuance. 

The windfall of a nomination for “stylishness” by the blogger at Reggie Darling is just that, a sweet dispensation of encouragement coupled with a very guylike towel snap of chastisement. (I do hope, at this stage, that no reader will believe I condemn such venerable play). Ordinarily, such favours do not and should not befall our juniors. This blog is still not ready for compliments; it is not even ready for recognition by its own writer. But they might attract enough further benison of correction, to help it reach what it might be. Then, I hope it will help others to be offered one’s nomination for engaging readership.


A word about that latter prospect, which would not have come up but for the unflagging trust of this page’s self-sought godmother, who endorsed Reggie’s act at his blog. Knowing nothing of blogging, knowing nothing of its obligations, I happened in a cursory tour d’horison upon a blog called Little Augury

And, in one's way of never doubting anyone would love to hear from me, I wrote to the blogger to say, I thought she had put together a really nifty model. I remember, it was her discussion of a film based on Thackeray, which prompted this message. From that idle note then poured heartening and persuasive encouragement to precipitate a page of one’s own. 

Heaven help us, I often say to Whit, there’s someone who believes in us, so we’d better make this work.

What a way we have to go, Pa.


  1. The pressure is on! As much as I admire recognition I tend to ignore such awards. ( I hope nobody who has given me such awards reads RMBL)

  2. Oh, I think ignoring a towel snap is just poor sportsmanship, Dink. You have to get even for the effrontery of being rated in the first place. :) Look at blogging well as the best Mark Cross luggage, or how does that go, again?

  3. Dear Laurent, I've missed you. I was smiling all the way through this post. So now, the world can see, you, your style, and your wonderful voice. Take the compliment and run with it, the giver is a man of intelligence. Are just, towel snap back!

  4. Oh, I hadn't meant to suggest I'd give up my new toy, Kevin! But it's very Kevin to wish one well with it; look to your left, look to your right. D'you know, there's no substitute for such a nature? At the end of the day, the excellence of your work may influence someone well, or support your other objectives, but where anyone takes sustenance, it's generosity he takes. "A gentleman doesn't dine in restaurants"?

    Meanwhile, however, there are fannies to be snapped. Got one?