Sunday, May 1, 2011


Of all the ecclesiastic promises sometimes dangled before me, this one seems the least humane, the most necessary to refuse. It musters the folly of pride only to imbue it in another, where the end of that mistake is what is wanted. I'd be known for what I'd done before effacing it, resting harmony on candour before conceit. 

One has seen so much of that in religious Virginia, so much of that from religious Arkansas and reli-gious Texas, that the natural hunger for history grows deeper by the day, taking precedence over regard for any form of law and who might play with it for his delight. The painting-out, above, glosses over the space of a Schutzstaffel tattoo, as in being born again.

But the first lost state to free from sanctimony is one's own, and it is here where the hunger for history originates, and why - to be able to know welcome with others as we are.


i,   Jason Poisson
iv, Clément Chabernaud

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