Friday, May 6, 2011

Mr Emerson, who can be cited for anything ..

Ah you're bringing what I meant with "some vague aspiration to be told a story"... This is exactly the feeling I have for two weeks now, and I still have not found what I am hungry of. Almost every day, I go to the library, .. I am looking for some tenderness, springing love, harmonious state of mind, blossoming sweetness of the heart, a deep and strong passion of life and youth, with a little bit of wildness of wildness of the soul. All that in some Poetry...

I was thinking Paul Verlaine, then maybe Rimbaud, or Victor Hugo, ... but still, I am lost, and cannot detect the answer to this strange query I have deep inside .. It is almost the way I am used to reacting with the changing season .. And I am used to responding very quickly and righteously. and to this non-answer, I tend not to feel like doing anything until then... Almost like the way anyone feels when they are in love ..

A reader's comment writes the page this morning; I've left aside his signature, to spare him any mistake of mine in framing this purloined entry. Emerson's maxim, 'Tis the good reader who makes the good book, was printed on the bookmark freely given by San Francisco's irreplaceable Tillman Place Book Shop. Their tags are all about one in the room that keeps the stories, always making room for the reader. He takes the story out of bindings, where it lives. 

Inès de la Fressange
anon reader
Valéry Lorenzo


  1. Such Weltschmerz, Spring style.
    One can never go wrong doing "Middlemarch" again.

  2. What does it feel like to be able to see yourself laying in the grass outside, smiling and staring at the heavens- while you are having this view from an open window?

    That's the feeling of this post...

    The answer is just right there, outside, in the wild.
    But then again, ... has anyone ever let you have this "look from the far"? :)

    @danny: "Weltschmerz" indeed. thanks for putting this forward.